Saturday, 21 August 2010

Happiness is Around the Bend by ASD

"Let's all emerge from the great sea... of art."

Clearly the winning entry of the Assembly 2010, it is also the kind of demo that captures your feelings and imagination from the very first scene.

That particular scene starts with an underwater sequence and for the next eight minutes we are being told an astonishing, yet quite true, story of how the mankind suffers through the modern period and how, with the influence of the art, the man can retain his sanity, and most important his humanity, over this tough era. By first watching the demo, the meaning of it might not be conceived, but after several views the main plot becomes quite clear in the viewer's eye.

From the visual point of view the demo features amazing graphics, which are enough to fill the entire scene to the very bone, but are structured in particular way and flow that will not tire the viewer or lead him to boredom. The scenes are also transitioning smoothly making each one of them clear, not incoherent and certainly well connected to the previous one, since the viewer is not experiencing the transition abruptly.

In musical terms the demo features a more artistic soundtrack, with the real world characteristics of music, such as conventional instruments, or church prays something innovative and, let's put it simply, real. The music this time seems to be led by the visuals, resulting to the first being fit perfectly to each scene.

The most astonishing fact about this demo, is the immense impact it has on the viewer's feelings. It is not only a coder's, musician's or graphician's demonstration of skills but also a try that creates a powerful emotional connection between the person who is watching and the artist, who put not only effort but emotions inside it, something the modern art seems to often forget. The viewer is blasted not with effects but with feelings, feelings that may once experienced in their life but failed to remember since the modern lifestyle imposes so.

In conclusion, this demo has the core meaning of what we call "art". Combines visuals, music and plot all with one purpose: to generate emotions to the viewer. It is certainly recommended to watch it, since it contains the essence of what we must certainly not forget: humanity.


YouTube video.

Prod link on Pouet.