Monday, 21 June 2010

Computer Candy Overload by UF & DD

"Let this demo and Assembly start with a great explosion... of pixels."

That is the exact way this nice invitation for Assembly 2010 chooses to start. Immediately afterwards a colorful scene with a tunnel and tinct shadered objects follows making the viewer's eyes blink in astonishment. The next scene reveals to us why was the name 'Computer Candy Overload' given to this demo. The scene features plenty of candy bars in the background while a column of joint together computers appears in the middle. The phrases 'Candy Computer' and 'Candy Overload' can be heard repeated from the soundtrack while they appear with a fancy font on the screen. In the very next scene we view a colorful modeled city with cubes floating above it while the demo invites us to Assembly 2010.

The following part contains a model of the Earth bouncing synchronised to the beat of the soundtrack, while a satellite and a disco ball orbit around it. The screen changes to what seems to be a monitor that sends a message to the people at @party to continue partying. Next part are the greetings-to-other-groups where we view many names from the old days with a not so modern, yet modern adapted, effect. Then follows another tunnel scene with colorful shadered objects and a shadow of an electro-girl tasting a battery. The demo ends with the full information about the Assembly whilst the sound of the famous World Cup Vuvuzelas echoes in our ears.

The invitation itself can only be characterized as an explosion of colors, in which the pixels are stretched to their limits. Along with a fancy soundtrack, which perfectly matches the style of demo, it invites us to Assembly with a rather fancy and stylized way. The visuals are also filled with color, which makes the viewer's eyes to literally bleed from the glow and the saturation they contain. The only negative asset of the visuals was the fact that the two tunnel scenes were crammed with objects, an effect which would tire the eye of the middle viewer, but would certainly please the hardcore one.

In terms of the event depiction, the demo contains all the important elements that an invitation should have. It is colorful, with a catchy soundtrack that promises the viewer of a party that must be an unforgettable one. The use of the vuvuzela sound in the last scene of the demo, is a quite clever addition which adds an epoch touch to the very invitation. We all know the sound of the plastic horns that echo in every match of the World Cup. It is a nice point were art, demoscene and a fact of the real wold are all combined together to appeal the viewer and remind us that art is mostly affected and inspired by events of our world.

In conclusion, this invitation is a perfect mixture of color and sound, which pleases the hardcore viewer better than anything, and denotes the great demos we are expected to see at Assembly 2010.


YouTube Video.

Prod link on Pouet.