Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Abandoned by One Man Group

"What is not abandoned is never completely lost."

That was the ending phrase of this particular synthesis and something which completely motivated us to write this review.

The demo starts with small black-dotted liquid particles followed by a giant spike-ball effect, where in the very next scene those two are merged together in great harmony. After this scene, the following one bears two colorful-textured, but bare, plants. The demo changes the whole background to a dark liquid one, with a cherry-red liquified object. The object seems to forward from the deepness of what appears to be an ocean, to the light, with a scene featuring a city where a sun is rising.

The demo visuals are quite awesome, although we do not see a plethora of effects there. The camera moves, are quite artistic and they are responsible for this slow but directive view of the scenes. The music also slow progresses but certainly has that inner beat, that captures someone's attention. The demo in general is calm, this is caused mainly by the music, but in some moments seems to accelerate for a few seconds and then again returns back to its original pace.

The plot is depicted throughout the whole demo, without the second becoming repetitive or off-balance to achieve the so-called plot standards. The start and the ending of it certainly lead to a particular conclusion which is revealed by the demo itself. In a few words the plot leads to what the ancient Greeks named Catharsis, which is the emotional cleansing of the audience and the characters in an optical performance. Therefore the feelings it left us with, were definitely relaxation and a sense of completeness.

In conclusion, with its relaxing plot, music and visuals certainly is recommended for those in bad temper or those who are in a moody or stressful day, and this mostly because of the calm and slow atmosphere it creates.


YouTube video.

Prod link on Pouet.

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