Thursday, 6 May 2010

2:20 by Farbrausch

"The feeling of fear... depicted somehow."

A demo that starts with the moon and black clouds is certainly one that will immediately capture your imagination. In the next few minutes we view a haunted-house, a haunted car, and a clock ready to switch from "2:19" to "2:20".

By the time we saw that one, our excitement had reached crucial levels especially waiting the clock to reach the "2:20" minute (note: this is the name of the demo). While we were all prepared for something quite amazing to happen afterwards, the demo continued to its previous style. Relaxed, well-connected scenes, but no excitement, no plot evolving and the like. Our disappointment grew a bit bigger, when the music didn't change too much from its original pattern, although we have to admit that it fitted the demo perfectly.

The visual part of it was the one that completely drew our attention. The scene with the ghost girl under a tree was completely our favorite here, not to mention the one with the red artifact diving into of what seemed to be like a lake with the moon over it. The ripples created and the whole texture of the water itself is simply, a master piece.

The demo returns to the very first clock scene, zooms into a picture, particularly into the frame of it, revealing the name 'visualice' and then we see an old phonograph with a disc playing on it. And it just ends.

The feelings it creates are quite mixed. First, the overall eerie felling is something that we would certainly be fond of, if the music progressed a bit faster, still is the most memorable thing in the whole demo. Second, the atmosphere reminds of the old films that involved ghost haunting into strange places, and this certainly gets the thumbs up, although the first feeling of excitement and then the loss of it are a bit disappointing and this hurts the demo in general . Also, the slow progress of the plot sometimes makes the average viewer to feel a bit annoyed expecting more groovy music along with nice synced visuals.

Overall, is a demo that should be watched but without expecting a fest in front of your eyes. It certainly matches a bad mood, although the taste that leaves you afterwards is quite a sweet one.


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