Thursday, 20 May 2010

1 by Masters of System

"A complex system of cubes... but only this."

When we laid our hands on this particular demo, we were mostly filled with curiosity to the bone.

-Why 5th place?
-Is it such a bad demo?
-And if yes why is that?

The best thing we had to do was to run it and so we did.

In the screen appeared what seemed to be a complex system of cubes. Or to put it that way: two-three cubes, the one inside the other, and some gears in them. The lighting of those objects went mad as the music continued to play. The demo though did not progress, the same scene was rendered in front of our screen again and again along with the same repetitive music theme. The only difference to the demo was made only when the credits screen appeared, but that effect was only a grey dotted plex superimposed on the previous screen. And somewhere there the demo ended.

The visuals could be great if the lighting was a bit reduced on the those objects, although the music was quite repetitive and not memorable. Also, the demo could have had more potential if it contained more scenes or one that would be visually and soundly connected to its surroundings.

The feelings it left us were quite clear. We felt quite disturbed of the fact that such a solid product was wasted with only one scene, which was missing the so-called eye-candy. Although this is the very first production of the Masters of System, we believe that in the following years they will continue to create demos that will properly please the hardcore viewer.


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