Saturday, 1 May 2010

YouShould by Haujobb

"In some seconds to Evoke 2010 you could watch this invitation."

Apparently this is the very action we should all do before Evoke 2010. The demo starts with a promising screen counting down the seconds remaining for the demo party to start while we see some suggestions about what we could in those seconds.

After this first screen the next part of the demo arrives, still suggesting us what we could do in the remaining seconds before the Evoke, but this time we see those suggestions actually take place in front of our screen. "You could add ribbons.", the demo declares and black ribbons and other effects pass by the scene.

"You could fly by static geometry." and we enter into a 3D scene that consists most of a circular room along with other animated geometry. While, someone would think of another 3D flyby demo, the next scene is completely beyond expectations. The demo renders a 2D scene of robots destroying a city with a logo at the top of a building where we read: "You could go 2D."

What follows next is the greetings-to-other-groups scene with most of the group names formed by a cylinder with random circles filled with letters. Another 2D scene with the middle-back of a woman and then some effects such as light points. The demo returns to the previous static geometry scene, enters into a polygon, and liquified particles appear in the internal part of the volume. The last scene of it is another 2D with the "Haujobb logo" on the dorsal side of a hand which seems to belong to a quite muscular person. The name of the demo, the name of Evoke, and the happening date appear to the back of the man, while it ends with the phrase, "We did it." and the names of the artists.

In a more critic view, the demo has a quite artistic atmosphere and leaves us with a pleasant feeling. It combines relaxation with some bits of action, without the first interfering badly with the second. The music is also calm in some scenes, but becomes intense in some others while the visuals are enough to please both the middle viewer and the most hardcore one.

Overall, is an invitation that can be watched multiple times with the same feeling of excitement as the first time even after Evoke takes place. "You could view it, without being bored, for sure."


YouTube video.

Prod link on Pouet.

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